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Been Painting quite a bit…

This is them…



Dasr Snatch ZakiRoids Dasr PrefDasr



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Happy Bday Roser..

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MSK Vs. Old School Writers. {Worldwide}

So, you may have heard about the ‘3 Kings’ show with Futura, Lee and Fab Five Freddy.

The scene is getting old, about 40yrs now and these three artists have a seat at the table of the most influential heads of the culture. The problem is Freddy’s work.. He seems to have got a copy of The Exchange book and cut and pasted letters from some of the most current influential writers in the world today, namely – Rime, Sever and Yes2.



Check the “Y” from Yes2 on one of Freddy’s printed canvas.

Revok highlighted this fact and called Freddy out here. 

Rime had a crack too, here.. 

Shit’s turning crazy now… Shoe – an old school European don has got involved and written an email to Rime stating he and Revok are talking shit and that they should “Bow”down to the Kings and Freddy.

I can see this continuing, Rime has replied to Shoe with some facts about the work and about the NY hip hop culture of the 70’s-80’s, which Shoe commented on in his email to him. Revok’s reply was much simpler though –


Eventually you & I will meet face to face, when we do PLEASE tell me to “shut the fuck up”


Read the lot on Rime’s blog..

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Pese 93…

Pese 93

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Team Robbo.

Yep.. Bode..

Rels.. Dasr..

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Down the local with Tors..

Good day.


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